Bring your drink bring your questions about Product Security - Eva Sarafianou

Product Security's mission is to help build a more secure product. This encompasses preventing the vulnerabilities from entering the code with Secure Software Development processes, managing vulnerabilities found in the product and educating engineers on security best practices and security threats. Come and ask all the questions around Product Security! Eva Sarafianou Senior Product Security Engineer - Auth0 Eva Sarafianou is a Senior Product Security Engineer at Auth0 and a member of the Node.js Security Ecosystem Working Group. At Auth0 she is working closely with Engineering teams responsible for Auth0's Session Management and Identity Protocols performing security reviews, threat models and integrating security tools into the teams' workflows. She's also working on Auth0’s Vulnerability Management and Bug Bounty program and on the development of security tools and libraries. Eva is passionate about JavaScript security and as a member of the Node.js Security Ecosystem Working Group she helps run the Node.js Ecosystem bug bounty & responsible disclosure program. In the past, Eva worked as a Security Researcher on Cryptography and has presented her work in major conferences like Black Hat and IACR Real World Crypto. ___________________________________________ Learn with Auth0 Try Auth0 for free - Upcoming Events - The Auth0 blog - Watch Live Streams on Twitch - Ask questions on the Community Forum - ___________________________________________ Follow Us on Social Follow us on Twitter - Follow us on LinkedIn -

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