Let's build a Web Component using Open-WC with Dwane Hemmings

Let's build a Web Component using Open-WC We'll build a basic Web Component using the Open-WC generator tool and if we have time, publish it to NPM. Dwane Hemmings Javascript Developer Advocate - Vonage Lifelong coder and HIPHOP fan | Vonage JavaScript Developer Advocate | WPRK 91.5fm radio show host ___________________________________________ Learn with Auth0 Try Auth0 for free - https://a0.to/auth0 Upcoming Events - https://a0.to/events The Auth0 blog - https://a0.to/blog Watch Live Streams on Twitch - https://a0.to/twitch Ask questions on the Community Forum - https://a0.to/community ___________________________________________ Follow Us on Social Follow us on Twitter - https://a0.to/twitter Follow us on LinkedIn - https://a0.to/linkedin

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