Transitioning to Working From Home - Community hour with Aaron Whitlock

During the pandemic many companies had to transition from working solely in an office to working from home. This brought many obstacles but has also brought a lot of benefits too. Many companies have now transitioned to being a remote first company because of this. In this episode Aaron talks about how it went for him while working at FedEx. About Aaron Whitlock: Aaron is a software developer for FedEx. He is partially self-taught but has benefited greatly from coding camps, mentorships and online resources like Udemy. He is passionate about full-stack web development and is currently learning the MEAN stack. ___________________________________________ Learn with Auth0 Try Auth0 for free - Upcoming Events - The Auth0 blog - Watch Live Streams on Twitch - Ask questions on the Community Forum - ___________________________________________ Follow Us on Social Follow us on Twitter - Follow us on LinkedIn -

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